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Hearing Aids

While we provide better hearing as a service, hearing aid fittings are central to the rehabilitation of our hearing. We carry a wide range of hearing aids from SIEMENS to ensure a better hearing fitting for one's hearing needs.

As hearing aids require personalized fittings, we encourage you to come in and speak to our audiologist and experience better hearing for yourself or your loved one.

These are some of the newer hearing aid models from SIEMENS.

Artis Life Hearing Aid Cielo Life Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aids of all technology (from analogue to high-end digital hearing aids) use batteries. To simplify the process of making batteries and hearing aids to fit, manufacturers have come up with a standard for all hearing aids. This sizes fit all manufacturers.

Hearing aid batteries can be divided into 4 major sizes and grouped by colours

So if you do forget the size of your hearing aid batteries, remember the colour. There are many manufacturers of hearing aid batteries but they all follow the standard for hearing aid battery sizes.

Hearing Aid Accessories

There are accessories to help care for the hearing aid such as:

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Assistive Listening Devices

Sometimes people who have hearing difficulties do not need hearing aids, then assisstive listening devices are introduced to help the person cope better. These include the FM system, Amplified phones, Infrared systems, TV listeners, strobe alarm, vibrating clocks, and more. Jensen Hearing provides these devices as the need arises.

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Tinnitus Relief Tool

Tinnitus or ringing in the ear can sometimes reach a irritating level causing stress in the person experiencing it. Some would advice on taking medication or using hearing aids. Taking medication alone may not always help. Here at Jensen Hearing we have TinniTool with MediLaser.

The Laser light from MediLaser can penetrate the deepest skin layers encouraging sells to rapidly rejuvenate. When used with MediLaser, TinniTool helps the light photons to strike exactly on the mitochondira of cells in the inner ear to produce the necessary cell fuel ATP. This leads to rejuvenation of the hearing cells, which later give effects to reduction of tinnitus.

Do also note that while we seek relief from tinnitus, there is no "complete cure" for tinnitus. There are a few causes for tinnitus and it is not always clear as to the source of the phantom sound. As such we need to have realistic expectations on tinnitus relief. Come and talk to our audiologist to explore options you have have to experience tinnitus relief.

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